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Terms and Conditions

Bidding is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.Interpretation1.1. In these Terms:1.2. "Terms" means these terms and conditions of sale.1.3. "Company" means Walter Eigner Pty Ltd T/A NumisBid.1.4. "Lot" means any item posted up for sale by the Company1.5. "Bidder" means the entity placing a bid on a Lot2.Application2.1. By placing a bid on a Lot, the Bidder is entering a legal agreement with the Company bound by these Terms.2.2. No amendment, alteration, waiver or cancellation of any of these Terms is binding on the Company unless confirmed by the Company in writing.3.Auction3.1. The Lot is being sold via public internet auction by the Company on behalf of public and private vendors.4.Bidders4.1. In placing a bid, the bidder is unconditionally guaranteeing to purchase the lot at the final sale price if determined to be the purchaser.4.2. Bids are accepted at the Company's discretion. If the bidder does not satisfactorily guarantee payment, they may have their bids withdrawn without recourse.4.3. If the bidder has previously been suspended from this service, they may not place any bids unless they have been notified by the Company in writing that their account has been re-instated.4.4. The Bidder is not permitted to place bids on items consigned by associated entities such as those residing or accessing NumisBid from within the same household, controlled or controlling companies/trusts/funds and immediate family members.4.5. Bids will only be accepted through the on-line interface of Numis Bid through both the on-line catalogue and live auction room. The Company will not be held accountable for any bidding errors so please double check your bids.4.6. Bids below any stated reserve price will not be accepted.5.Purchaser5.1. The purchaser shall be determined as the qualified bidder who places the highest bid. In the event of even bids, the purchaser will be determined as the leading bidder who placed the leading bid first.5.2. If the winning bid was placed within the live auction, the sale price will be determined as the winning bid amount.5.3. If the winning bid was a proxy bid, the sale price will be determined as up to one bidding step above the 2nd highest bid, not exceeding the proxy bid of the highest bidder. In the event that only one bid is placed, the sale price will be determined as the reserve price.6.Payment6.1. The final sale price is the aforementioned sale price plus reasonable postage and insurance charges. No additional charges may be imposed by the Company except outlined below where payment is not made by the due date.6.2. Payment must be made by a method accepted by the Company unless otherwise agreed upon with the Company.6.3. Payment is due within 7 days from the conclusion of the sale unless prior arrangements have been made with the Company. After this date, overdue accounts may attract a storage fee of 1% per 30 days or part payable to the company plus any compensation the Company is required to pay to the vendor for late payment.6.4. In the event payment is not made within 60 days, the Company may elect to begin recovery action which can include relisting the lots for auction on behalf of the purchaser. The purchaser agrees to pay for any balance remaining once the purchased lots have been sold.7.Ownership7.1. Ownership of any purchased lots does not transfer to the purchaser until payment has been received by the Company in full. In the event that the payment is reversed or canceled, ownership of the purchased lot is immediately transferred back to the Company.8.Shipping8.1. Lots may not be shipped until all amounts owed by the purchaser to the Company are paid in full.8.2. The Company is liable for any loss, damage or delay caused to any purchased lots during transit until the purchaser signs for the shipment except if the purchaser selects their own delivery method or time in which case the purchaser is solely liable for any loss, damage or delay.8.3. Orders are due to be shipped within 5 business days of when the purchaser has settled all accounts with the Company except where the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that a payment made by the Purchaser is fraudulent or payment has not been made by the due date.8.4. In the event that the date of shipment is delayed by more than 5 days beyond the due shipping date and the purchaser made payment in full by due date, the purchaser may be entitled to any substantiatable damages not exceeding the total amount paid for postage.9.Refunds9.1. The purchaser is entitled to a refund payable by the Company on any uncertified lot containing only one coin where that coin has been inaccurately described by the Company provided that the lot is returned in its original condition to the Company within 120 days.9.2. A lot is deemed inaccurately described if and only if when sent to either PCGS or NGC in its original condition, the resulting grades are lower than the unqualified grade specified in the item description.9.3. If no unqualified grade is specified or if multiple items are included in the lot or if the lot forms part of an officially packaged issue then the lot is sold as-is with no guarantees expressed or implied.10.System Errors10.1. If any purchased lot is deemed to have been adversely affected by a system error or downtime, the lot may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Company. The lot will then be deemed unsold and may be re-offered at a later date.11.Certification11.1. If the lot has been noted to be certified by either PCGS or NGC, it will come sealed in a genuine PCGS or NGC slab.12.Goods and Services Tax (GST)12.1. Prices are inclusive of GST wherever applicable. GST is applicable on lots supplied by vendors registered for the GST sold to Australian purchasers.13.Personal Information13.1. In the event that payment is not made within 60 days after the aforementioned due date, the purchaser agrees to allow the Company to supply the purchaser's contact details and information about the purchase to third parties including but not exclusive to debt recovery services and credit rating agencies.14.Live Auction Chat Box14.1. The live auction chat box is for general use only, you may not use it for advertisement or other commercial purposes.14.2. The live auction chat box may not be used for any illegal purposes or any purpose that can be considered offensive.I AgreeI Do Not Agree