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World Coin Auction #10

Australia - Elizabeth II, 1964 Penny - PCGS MS65RD

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AUD 45.50
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World Coin Auction #10
29 January 2017 07:01 pm
Lot 7Australia - Elizabeth II, 1964 PennyA full golden red piece of this type, PCGS encapsulated MS65RD.
Red Sheet Value????**You need to be signed in to see Red Sheet values. Click Sign In in the top right to proceed.Blue Sheet ValueAUD 160 (at time of sale)The Blue Sheet is a dynamically updated retail price guide which aims to follow the price you could expect to pay to acquire a particular coin on any given day. Please note that these figures are completely automated based on manually entered sales and as such occassionally data entry errors can affect these figures or at times the Blue Sheet may not have sufficient sales data to effectively quantify a value and as such we do not provide any warranty or guarantee on these figures and that you should verify their basis by confirming the the accuracy of the past sales through the Blue Sheet.Learn more about this coinI have a coin like this to sell