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World Coin Auction #12

Australia - Sydney Mint Type II, 1855 Half Sovereign - PCGS VF Details

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World Coin Auction #12
16 April 2017 07:03 pm
Lot 8Australia - Sydney Mint Type II, 1855 Half SovereignUnlisted in Marsh, the 1855 Wreathed bust half sovereign is so rare that many consider it to be a pattern striking. This example displays strong details with a rich yellow gold tone and an overall presentable appearance but with the letters AG scratched into the coin left of the crown. The Wreathed Bust half sovereign is typically noted to be issued from 1857 to 1866 but 3 business strikes are known to be dated 1855. This example is ex Spink Australia sale 15 (lot 474) while another sold through Noble Numismatics in 2012 for $133,975 and the final example being in the Museum of Victoria. PCGS slabbed genuine, VF Details (graffiti) and excessively rare.
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