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Victoria Cross Dollar in PCGS MS69

27 November 2016

1921-M Threepence in PCGS MS66

27 November 2016

PR67RD 1961 Perth Mint Proof Penny

24 November 2016

Rare and Iconic Proofs of 1938

24 November 2016

1923 Half Penny with 8 pearls

8 November 2016

Mint Master Record Strikes

3 November 2016

1911 Florin - PCGS MS62.

3 November 2016

1955-Y Proof Penny - the Perth mint's first commercial proof

23 October 2016

Australia's Glamour Coin - The 1930 Penny

23 October 2016

Test Auction Tomorrow Night

2 October 2016

A Lovely Example of the Key 1855 Half Sovereign

22 September 2016

A Superb Example of the 1956 Penny

22 September 2016

NumisBid Auction #61

21 September 2016

World Coin Auction #6

18 September 2016

A Superb Example of the 1934-35 Florin

6 September 2016

The Equal Highest Graded 1943-D Threepence

2 September 2016
NumisBid Auction #6414 December 2016 6:30 pmWednesdayMiscellaneous67:00 pmGold Coins27:03 pmPre-Decimal Proof Coins237:05 pmFlorins157:15 pmShillings57:20 pmSixpences57:25 pmThreepences97:30 pmPennies247:35 pmHalf Pennies107:50 pmThursdayMint Product97:00 pmTwo Dollars67:05 pmOne Dollars117:08 pmFifty Cents97:15 pmTwenty Cents187:20 pmTen Cents87:30 pmFive Cents187:35 pmTwo Cents197:45 pmOne Cents47:55 pmFridayOther Australian Coins587:00 pmProof High Denominations97:30 pmProof Two Dollars47:35 pmProof One Dollars97:40 pmProof Fifty Cents257:45 pmProof Twenty Cents117:55 pmProof Ten Cents108:00 pmProof Five Cents108:05 pmProof Two Cents178:10 pmProof One Cents108:20 pmWorld Coin Auction #920 December 2016 6:30 pmTuesdayGeneral World Issues37:00 pmAustralia147:01 pmCeylon37:05 pmGreat Britain37:06 pmIndia127:10 pmStraits Settlements57:15 pmOther British Commonwealth57:18 pmOther Asian Coins47:20 pmNumisBid Auction #6525 January 2017Closed for consignments
433 lots catalogued estimated at AUD 76,000
World Coin Auction #1029 January 2017Closed for consignments
87 lots catalogued estimated at AUD 5,300
NumisBid Auction #6622 February 2017Consignment Deadline: 28 December 2016
236 lots consigned so far estimated at AUD 150,000
World Coin Auction #1112 March 2017Consignment Deadline: 15 January 2017
63 lots consigned so far estimated at AUD 4,600
Numis Bid is Australia's premier on-line coin auction house running monthly auctions of pre-decimal coins, gold sovereigns, decimal coins and many other collectible coins, most of which are certified by PCGS or NGC. Almost every lot is sold with no reserve, we don't charge any buyer's premium and all lots are backed by a 14 day money-back guarantee.Ph: 1800 851 593Research: Prices Realized