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NumisBid Signature Sale 2 Catalogue Up Now

27 September 2017

Rare Pre-55 Proof for Auction

27 April 2017

High Grade Perth Mint Proof Rarity

18 April 2017

1921 Star Shilling in PCGS MS65

18 April 2017

Extremely Rare Pattern 1830 Sovereign

20 March 2017

Excessively Rare Wreathed Bust 1855 Half Sovereign

20 March 2017

Stunning 1884 Specimen One Cent - NGC SP66RB

20 March 2017

Key 1889 Straits Fifty Cent in PCGS VF25

20 March 2017

1910 Florin - PCGS MS65

6 March 2017

Rare 1934 Proof Set for Auction

14 February 2017

A PCGS MS63 example of the scarce 1939 Florin

3 January 2017

High Grade Perth Mint Rarity

30 December 2016

Very Rare 1918-P Half Sovereign

29 December 2016

Brilliant Red 1912-H Half Penny in MS65RD

29 December 2016

Scarce 1915-H Penny in MS64RB

29 December 2016

Victoria Cross Dollar in PCGS MS69

27 November 2016
NumisBid Auction #8030 May 2018 6:30 pmWednesdayMiscellaneous47:00 pmGold Coins47:01 pmPre-Decimal Proof Coins217:03 pmCrowns17:05 pmFlorins257:10 pmShillings177:20 pmSixpences157:25 pmThreepences267:30 pmPennies217:40 pmHalf Pennies147:45 pmWorld Coins257:50 pmThursdayProof One Dollars17:00 pmProof Fifty Cents117:01 pmProof Twenty Cents57:02 pmProof Ten Cents97:05 pmProof Five Cents77:10 pmProof Two Cents77:15 pmProof One Cents67:20 pmOther Australian Coins77:25 pmOne Dollars17:26 pmFifty Cents27:27 pmFive Cents17:28 pmTwo Cents57:30 pmOne Cents17:35 pmNumisBid Auction #8120 June 2018Closed for consignments
139 lots catalogued estimated at AUD 23,000
NumisBid Auction #8218 July 2018Closed for consignments
97 lots catalogued estimated at AUD 9,600
NumisBid Signature Sale #526 August 2018Consignment Deadline: 01 July 2018
37 lots consigned so far estimated at AUD 73,000
NumisBid Signature Sale #625 November 2018Consignment Deadline: 30 September 2018
13 lots consigned so far estimated at AUD 51,000
Numis Bid is Australia's premier on-line coin auction house running monthly auctions of pre-decimal coins, gold sovereigns, decimal coins and many other collectible coins, most of which are certified by PCGS or NGC. Almost every lot is sold with no reserve, we don't charge any buyer's premium and we ship worldwide.Ph: 1800 851 593Research: Prices Realized